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Your Real Estate Advertising Platform
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We offer online advertising on our BMG Brands (Realty Locale and Blau Journal).


We offer native ad integration on our Blau Journal Mobile App for iPhone & Android.


We offer onsite advertising at our BMG Real Estate Events.

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Advertising Features for BMG Brands

Online Banner Advertisement

We offer a variety of banner advertisement size and location options throughout our websites and our Mobile App. We can integrate your advertisement anywhere on our websites including in any of our videos in postings or on our media page.

Aerial Banner Advertisement

We offer aerial banner advertisement for real estate clients to include developers, agents & brokers who want to showcase their luxury development project to a dedicated audience. Currently offering packages in the South Florida Market.


Influencer Interviews

Advertise directly in our monthly Influencer Interview section.

Email Newsletter Campaigns

Sponsor our opt-in email newsletter we send weekly to our registered users.

Main Slider Feature

Feature your posting or video on our homepage Main Slider. We can integrate high quality video or high resolution images. Options include placement among other advertisers or a complete takeover of the Main Slider.

Promotional Offers

Does your company have a product or service promotion you would like to advertise to our readers? We can create special product/service promotions that run throughout our website.

Section Takeover, Skinning & Sponsorship

We can customize our homepage or content channel to match your brand needs. To make working with us easier, we can even create the background skin for you.

Social Media Campaigns

We can feature your deal/news posting or property showcase across or Social Media Platforms to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Video Integration

Our video integration option is designed as a very unique high-impact ad unit. Want to stream your latest property development or company commercial? We’ve created a platform that allows you to do just that at the top of our homepage or featured sections.

Business Directory Listing

We will offer a business listing directory searchable by catergories where you can showcase your business and contact information to our readers.

Showcase Property Highlight (COMING SOON)

We can market your high end residential or commercial property in our SHOWCASE PROPERTY section. We can feature either high resolution images or high quality video.

Hirings & Promotions Feature

Does your company want to highlight a recent hiring or promotion? We can introduce your valued employees or executives to our readers.

Event Listings

List your real estate events in our Event Listing Section. We will also help promote your event by sending out weekly messages via our social media profiles. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

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